Our Services

We offer the following services

Pump repairs and replacement

Motor re-winding and replacement and other related parts

Grade labelling of assets with barcode ID

Supply and Installation of solar solutions

Mining supplies

(i.e. bearings, roof bolts for underground application accessories, water hose and accessories and fabrication and machining of specialised equipment)

More of our services

Plant Exhausters

(supply new and also do repairs and maintenance)

Plant compressors

(supply new and also do repairs and maintenance)

Supply and source oil dispensing systems and oil extraction units and other components

Supply valves and actuators including section welded pipes

Upgrading of pump houses for sewage systems and fresh water

Back-up power generators

Installation and start-ups

Fitment and project management

Supply of diesel

Plant hire machines (including mining machinery)

Installation and commissioning of digesters

(retrofitting of rotor mixing system pumps including installation of related pipe work, control panel, welding, actuators, valves etc.)